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Demo Sites

The demonstration buildings will be the showcases for the BRICKER project. They are real buildings that are in use and the goal is to demonstrate the performance of the technologies and systems developed.

The overall objective of BRICKER is to develop and demonstrate a retrofitting solution package for existing non-residential public buildings. The project seeks to deliver state-of-the-art energy efficient renovation, demonstrating this in real buildings with different uses set in different countries and climates. Energy savings should go beyond 50% compared to values prior to BRICKER renovation.

BRICKER combines various active and passive technologies to achieve energy efficiency in innovative ways. It will pioneer a tri-generation system capable of providing power, heating and cooling simultaneously. Its power and thermal capacities will be around 150 kW and 600 kW respectively. The system’s activation heat will be produced using roof mounted parabolic solar collectors working on a higher than usual temperature – between 250 to 270 °C.

The project will seek to draw on the renewable energy resources available in each region. Biomass boilers will be used, as well as geothermal districting heating and absorption chillers which use a heat source to drive the cooling system. This technology already exists but the installations planned under BRICKER will be tailor-made to meet the specificities of each demo site and its surroundings.

The passive technologies envisaged include new aerating windows, with an integrated, newly patented electronic heat exchanger, new PIR (PolyIsocyanurate)-based insulation foams with embedded phase-change materials (PCM's)— which are substances capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy—and state of the art ventilated facades, commercial windows and insulation panels.

The BRICKER demonstrations will pave the way towards a replication plan to ensure uptake across Europe and beyond.