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Description of the Turkish Demo Site: Aydın Merkez

The Turkish demonstration site is a hospital, at theAdnan Menderes University (ADU) in the Turkish province of Aydın. 

Description of the Turkish Demo Site: Aydın Merkez

Aydın is located in south-west of Turkey. The hospital has 3 blocks presently functioning; A, B and D. Block C is under construction. Block A which has nine floors with a total area of 19.467 square meters is the target demonstrator.  

There is no insulation in the envelope walls and roof of the hospital, which means a high potential for demand reduction. There are 327 double glazed windows and some 3000 square meters available in the roof, as well as enough ground space for solar collectors´ installation. The heating system is powered by natural gas. There is one electric heat pump with a total power of 4,65MW (4.000.000kcal/h) for cooling. The terminal units of the cooling system are 50 ventilation plants distributed in all floors of Block A. The electricity is consumed for cooling as well as lighting. There are also some electric heat pumps in the building. Block A is consuming around 25% of the total hospital electrical energy; 1.750 MWh/year. The estimated natural gas consumption just for Block A is up to 45% of the total cubic meters consumed in the hospital, which is 3.395 MWh/year. Consequently, Block A of ADU Hospital has several reasons for participating in BRICKER.

The proposed system interventions for Block A can be summarized as follows:

  • 7430 m2 insulation work on walls
  • 3360 m2 insulation work on roof
  • 1300 m2 ventilated façade
  • 1300 m2 window films
  • Solar field
  • ORC cogeneration unit
  • Chillers
  • Thermostats for the fan coils
  • Air-to-air heat exchangers on the roof for heat recovery

The total expected energy reduction with these active and passive systems is 51%. The associated investment costs of the new technologies to be implemented represent about 10% of the total costs of an equivalent new hospital building in Aydın/Turkey. The total return of the investment period is expected to be 7 years.

The project has a high replication potential since ADU is a state university with 9 faculties, 5 schools, 3 graduate schools, 1 state conservatory, 16 vocational schools and 17 research centers located in different locations of Aydın/Turkey.