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Stakeholder organizations

BRICKER partners are involved in European and national stakeholder organisations.

  • ECTP, Steering Board and Executive Committee, the FA Cities and Buildings and ECTP’s Advisory Group on SMEs, Focus Area of Cultural Heritage.
  • Energy Efficient Building Association (E2BA), AD HOC Advisory Group to the EC on the PPP on Energy Efficient Buildings Buildings and Steering Committee of the E2BA-EI.
  • EUROACE (European Alliance of companies for energy efficiency).
  • ECCREDI (The European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation).
  • ENCORD (European Network of construction companies for Research and Development).
  • FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation).
  • Executive Committee of the “Caring for Climate” platform of the UN Global Compact initiative.
  • ISES (International Solar Energy Society).
  • IEA (International Energy Agency.
  • Smart City VyP initiative carried out in the Spanish cities of Valladolid and Palencia.
  • IEA Task 49 on solar process heat.
  • ANEST, the Italian CSP Association.
  • Representative in the ECBCS implementing agreement of the International Energy Agency.
  • ENACE (Entidad Nacional de Certificadores de Edificación). As a non-profit organization, ENACE carries out two main missions: accrediting energy efficiency assessors, certifiers and auditors in the building sector, and providing for continuing vocational training. ENACE is a stakeholder platform federating more than 1000 architects and engineers in Spain and linking up with building professionals EU-wide.