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Welcome to this first edition of the BRICKER project newsletter. Its purpose is to reach out to all those who have an interest in pushing down energy consumption in the built environment. Via this biannual newsletter we will be highlighting the milestones and achievements of the BRICKER team and providing you with articles, interviews, and advice in order to maximise outreach and uptake of what BRICKER has to offer.

BRICKER is a EU co-funded project in the energy efficient buildings (EeB) domain aimed at designing and delivering smart retrofit solutions for non-residential public buildings. It started in October 2013 and will run for four years. The purpose is to address the challenge of boosting energy efficiency in such buildings via a replicable system that can be applied across Europe.

This is not an easy thing to do! Non-residential buildings include a wide range of building types and uses, and are much less heterogeneous than residential buildings. Yet they represent an excellent target for public policy to begin large-scale renovation, delivering significant energy reductions and exemplarity of the public sectors in raising the profile of energy savings solutions.

To meet this challenge, the BRICKER consortium is drawn from various stakeholder communities – public building owners, large companies with research capabilities, technological SMEs, research organisations, dissemination agencies. In all, BRICKER gathers 18 partners from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Turkey.

The development activities that we will be showcasing via this newsletter and on our website will be put to the test at three demonstrations sites. These are different types of building located in different climates:

Cáceres (Spain) – administrative offices used by the regional Government of Extremadura

Liège (Belgium) – an engineering college building belonging to the Province of Liège

Aydin (Turkey) – a hospital block which is part of a university hospital

In this first issue, we will be highlighting BRICKER coordinators ACCIONA and will be reporting on the recent EeB impact workshop. Don’t forget the check out our website and use the social media buttons to inform your network about interesting news (or about sections you like).


Juan Ramón de las Cuevas
BRICKER coordinator