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Province de Liège


The Province of Liege is a public authority located in the french-speaking part of Belgium. It represents about 1.1 millions inhabitants living in 84 municipalities that cover a territory of 3862 Km².

The Province has its own legislative and executive body: the provincial council as the legislative body and the provincial college as the executive body. Its mains areas of competencies are: Education and Training, Sports and Culture, Health and social affairs, Sustainable territorial development (Economics, Agriculture and Tourism) and Support to municipalities.

SPB is part of the Infrastructures Department that design and manage the construction and the maintenance of a 370 buildings stock. Therefore SPB has to carry out different tasks like extension and retroffiting of buildings, including heating, ventilating and air conditionning systems, as well as lighting equipment. It designs preliminary projects, the related specifications and plans as well as the studies of economic feasibility.



Responsible for BRICKER within Province de Liège:
Raymond Charlier