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Solar parabolic collectors


By tracking the position of the sun, parabolic collectors can concentrate the solar radiation on a tube, thus heating the fluid which flows in the tube up to 250-300°C. The hot fluid can be used for many purposes. This technology is already used for large solar power stations. 

Within BRICKER it will be applied to the retrofit of existing public buildings as part of an integrated system. Some critical aspects of the collectors, such as their modular structure and receiver tube will be optimised to the specific needs of the integrated system.

The structure suit the needs of both ground and roof mounted installations. The receiver tube will increase its operating range from up to 250° C to up to 280 - 300°C, depending on the needs of the integrated system. The collectors will have a modular design, so that no welding will be necessary to install them on their foundations.

In the Spanish site, a rooftop installation of n.12 enhanced PTMx-24 type collectors will provide an overall collecting area of 648 m2, corresponding to a thermal output of 407 thermal kW in reference conditions. Due to the withdrawal of the building owners, the planned installations could not be implemented.

The BRICKER demonstrations will use of both rooftop and ground installations and therefore it will be possible to compare the pros and cons of each option. This will provide a useful reference for future projects.

In addition, the application of concentrated solar thermal energy together with other renewable sources such as biomass and geothermal represents high technical value. This combination will feed the renewable polygeneration system equipped with ORC turbine and absorption chillers.

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