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Description of the Spanish Demo Site: Cáceres

The Spanish demonstration site is located in Cáceres in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. The building hosts administrative offices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy of the Government of Extremadura, who is the owner of the building.

Description of the Spanish Demo Site: Cáceres

It consists of two building wings joined by core restrooms and gateways. It has a basement which is used as a car park and three floors above ground level. The administrative building has a surface of approximately 8,480 m2. Its energy rating is category F.

About 300 employees work in the offices, and the opening hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. No other energy sources than electrical are used. Therefore the interventions will focus on biomass boiler and storage, cogeneration units and roof mounted solar collectors.

The partners expect have projected approximately 60% reduction in electrical consumption from the grid. Associated investment costs of the new technologies to be implemented represent about 13.4% of the total costs of an equivalent new building in Caceres (Spain). The total return of the investment (ROI) period is expected to be 7 years.

The replication potential of the Spanish demonstration site is high as GEX is the owner of 944 buildings: 225 administrative office buildings, 349 health centres (11 large hospitals), 131 cultural centres, 203 educational buildings (schools and universities) and 36 other buildings. The number of social dwellings belonging to GEX is 15,000, representing about 300 buildings. A replication plan for them will be drawn up. Transferability of results to social housing will strengthen this plan.