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Interventions in the Spanish Demo Site

For the Spanish demonstration building, the BRICKER energy concept will exclusively deal with the installation of active technologies since the envelop configuration is already adequate. 


Bricker system integration into the existing energy system for the Spanish demo building.
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The existing HVAC system provides heating and cooling services, as well as primary air ventilation. The main system consists of split heat pumps. Offices situated in the main floors (ground, first and second floor) are supplied by 24 units, 8 per floor.

Building performance has been analysed in terms of energy gains and losses related to the conditioned area. The heating/cooling demand is covered through an air-based distribution system. Due to its location, heating and cooling loads are of the same order of magnitude - 45 kWh/(m2y) for heating, and 48 kWh/(m2y) for cooling. The existing installed capacities and the new BRICKER systems take account of these metrics. Solar collectors are set to play a major role as a renewable source.

The BRICKER system uses a solar collector field (12 collectors, 407 kW) and a biomass boiler (1 MW) as EGUs. Both charge an oil thermal storage facility which provides a relative constant inlet oil temperature for the ORC unit’s evaporator.

Spanish demo building model geometry used for thermal simulations.

The condensing water of the ORC can then be used to directly cover the heating loads by the air-handling unit’s (AHU) heating coil, or alternatively it can feed the generator of a sorption chiller and thus provide chilled water to the AHU’s coil. Should the energy dissipated by the ORC on the condenser side not be sufficient, then the biomass boiler or the solar field can compensate and ensure the required amount of heat.