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Energy Efficiency in Healthcare and Public Buildings Symposium


Ankara, Turkey, 26-27 February 2015

The symposium is sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkish Ministry of Energy and National Resources, Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Confederations of Health and Social Services Organizations (SADEF), Organization of Resource Management in Healthcare, and some representatives from the private sector.

The aim of the 2-day symposium is to raise awareness about the problems and solutions associated with the high cost of energy consumption in healthcare facilities and public buildings, to share best practices and to explore funding opportunities for energy efficiency projects. The symposium was heavily attended by high ranking public officials, academics, representatives of non-governmental organizations and managers of public hospitals.

Prof. Dr. Yunus Çengel of Adnan Menderes University in Aydin, Turkey, participated in the symposium as a speaker in the panel titled ‘Energy Efficiency Enhancement Applications in Public Buildings’. In his presentation, Prof. Çengel described the BRICKER Project and the aim to reduce the energy consumption by at least 50 percent by implementing some innovative energy efficiency measures and the incorporation of renewable energy. The symposium organizers and attendants asked that the results of the BRICKER Project be reported in a future symposium.

The symposium website.