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BRICKER Final Review in Brussels


The final meeting and review of the BRICKER project took place in Brussels on 21 March 2018.

For the European Commission, the project partners presented the results and achievements of four and a half years of work, the lessons learnt and the challenges and barriers addressed.

The dissemination and communication activities by the BRICKER partners reveal impressive numbers about the events attended and organised (147 events), the articles, interviews and press releases published, and their wide readership through multiple channels and platforms. Nearly 100 news items achieved over 200 000 visits, views and impressions on the Internet and social media. 

Presenting results and the lessons learned

The outlook presented for market up-take emphasises the role of retrofitting public buildings to meet the goals of the European Energy Directive. The global trends for the retrofit market and the green building market look set to grow rapidly over the coming years. France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, Poland and Belgium were identified as particularly relevant markets for the BRICKER System. Several business models were presented with BRICKER taking the role of an ESCO.

The presentations on the works at the Belgian and Turkish demo sites also highlighted the challenges encountered during the project. The length of public procurement processes, national regulations lagging behind the pioneering technologies used, and the need to overcome cultural differences were identified for both demo sites.

To conclude the review, the technology partners presented the technologies implemented at the demo sites and their market potential in European countries as well as in countries futher afield such as Morocco, Saudi-Arabia, Jordan and Chile.

Lastly, the presentations showed that the BRICKER approach to retrofitting public buildings is not only suitable for universities and hospitals but also for hotels and large shopping centres.

Consortium members at review meeting in Brussels

27 March 2018