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BRICKER’s Turkish demo team on stage at international conferences


Spreading the word could well sum up the BRICKER activities of Özyeğin University’s Centre for Energy, Environment and Economy (CEEE) during the last few months of 2016. 

The CEEE is one of BRICKER’s RTD partners and it is in charge of coordinating the project’s Turkish demo site. In October and December, the CEEE’s Professor Pinar Menguc, senior researcher Yasemin Somuncu and other colleagues delivered papers at various international conferences where they drew on their experience of the BRICKER system. The conferences included two Sustainable Built Environment conferences (Istanbul and Thessaloniki) which are part of an ongoing series of conferences around the world, and the SOLAR TR conference held in Istanbul. Various papers by CEEE were accepted and subjects ranged from Evaluation of sustainable building materials, thermal comfort using glass optical features and radiant surface configurations.

At SBE Istanbul, Yasemin Somuncu provided a review of certificate systems with particular emphasize on Energy Star, Effinergie, Minergie, and Passivhaus.  The objective was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of these systems, which can help us to set out guidelines for highly energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings of the future, in line with the methodology developed under the ongoing NEED4B to which various BRICKER partners contribute.

This was followed in December by a paper drawing directly on BRICKER insights presented at the international SOLAR TR2016 conference. Entitled “An Application of Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) System to a Hospital Building”. Prof. Pinar Menguc outlined the PTC plant design and construction process, including (1) the selection and optimization of location and the orientation of the collectors; (2) the discussion of the site specific variables (wind, precipitation, etc.) which affect the structural performance of the collectors.


Photo: Yasmin Somuncu delivering her insights on the parabolic trough collectors used in BRICKER

12 January 2017