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Hack, break and innovate–Onur Gunduru’s summertime agenda


In August, many of us were soaking up the sun or hiking in the mountains, but BRICKER’s Onur Gunduru from Turkey had a different agenda; he was busy hackin’ and breakin’ by invitation of ENSIA, a Turkish organisation aimed at clustering renewable energy business segments. 

Perhaps an explanation is in order here about this energy performance expert. Innovation is often about disrupting established ways of doing things. Sometimes it’s when things go off track and “break” that innovation occurs. And that’s what was on Onur’s mind when he participated in a week-long innovation camp organised by Acik Inovasyon Dernegi (Open Innovation Association) and designed specifically to hack, break and innovate in areas that we take for granted. The aim? To find new solutions to old problems. To get people from different walks of life to rub shoulders and destroy any silo thinking within the Izmir region and beyond. Dubbed Hack’nBreak, the event focused on renewable energy, sustainability, autonomous devices and Industry 4.0. The week featured hackathons, ideathons, workshops, start-up talks and a number of design thinking activities. So it was only natural for Onur to take the opportunity to perform what one could possibly call a “brickerthon”, pitching BRICKER to an audience of open-minded, inno-oriented and energy-aware folk.