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Interventions nearing completion at Liège demo site


Since autumn last year, the works at the demo site in Liège have been gaining momentum. 

Most interventions have been undertaken now and we are entering the final stages before completion. For the ORC and biomass boiler, fire protection measures have been installed at the top of the walls and on the ceiling of the technical rooms. The curtain walls for the main façade have been reconstructed. Windows have been replaced along with wall insulation. All the decentralised ventilation units have now been installed and scaffolding has been put in place.

Every week, a meeting has taken place with the various contractors and the demo team, while efforts have been made to enable students to carry on their studies during the major works. In September, two colleagues from Acciona, Jose Cubillo and Omar Mesto, met the demo team on site to assess the works and to set up the sensors needed for monitoring purposes. One core area of the works has been the smart thermal insulation system based on Phase Change Material – learn more here.


22 November 2016