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Now it’s all coming together to form the BRICKER system


Despite delays due to bad weather conditions over the winter, the works at the Liège demo site have been progressing steadily over the last few months. 

As with all works of this calibre, there are inevitably sticking points, such as delays in public tenders and late delivery of equipment, but nothing has significantly stood in the way of the retrofitting process overall.

The 22 ventilation units by Greencom have been installed as has the SUGIMAT biomass boiler. Purinova’s ceiling panels are now in place and recently the plaster finish and insulation on the façade of block 1 and 6 have been completed. In February SPB and ACCIONA met to discuss progress and contractors SA DETHIER and the engineering office joined them to complete the technical documentation for connecting the components of the BRICKER system.


15 May 2017