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Procurement process and pre-intervention monitoring underway


The concepts for Adnan Menderes University Hospital located in Aydın Turkey are now clarified and ready to be introduced through tendering process by the university in August 2015.

This process has been divided into three sub sections as the adsorption chiller purchase, passive and active systems, transportation and customs clearance.

The real-time pre-monitoring started in February 2015 and will continue until May 2016.  3 water counters (BAYLAN DN 50, 80 & 100), 12 energy analysers (ENTES EPR-04S-DIN), 7 thermocouples, 1 weather station (Davis Pro2) and related supporting equipment have been installed to various locations in the energy centre for pre-monitoring.  As of May 2016 real-time after-refurbishment monitoring shall take place, in order to assess the results of BRICKER project concepts implemented.

The second procurement round will cover all the passive and active systems to be implemented at the hospital.

And the third round will deal with the transportation and customs clearance of the solar collectors, ventilated façade, ORC unit and adsorption chiller.