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BRICKER – students working on BRICKER are awarded first prize for presentation at Researchers’ Night – Trento, Italy


As part of the European Researchers’ Night, an event was held and co-organised by BRICKER partner FBK which was the stage for a series of presentations by young scientists. 

One of these presentations was the work of students on placement at FBK and they won first prize out of twenty four contenders, much to the delight of their host organisation of course. The twist in the story is that the presentation was all about BRICKER since this was the topic the students were assigned to for their learning experience at FBK.

The European Researchers’ Night involves fun learning and popular science events which take place in 280 cities across Europe and beyond on the same day – or night. In Trento, the Researchers’ Night event is promoted and organised by leading research institutions from the region. It is designed to shine a light on researchers, on the behind-the-scenes of scientific research, and how these individuals draw on their senses, especially their six sense, as a way to break through to the most amazing discoveries.

The three students - Alessandro Muraglia, Luca Framba and Marco Martorano - are studying at Buonarroti Institute, a technical college offering courses in mechanics, energy and materials. They presented how they worked on BRICKER, using the following stages: background acquisition, requirements collection and analysis, design of the control system, model-checking. These last two stages looped back to the requirements collection and analysis stage where the students’ findings can be fed into the project. Their outside perspective enabled them to identify possible areas of improvement at design and implementation levels.

Congratulations to Alessandro, Luca and Marco!

Download their winning presentation