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Mini test site unveiled to BRICKER Steering Committee in Seville, Spain.


At the beginning of May, the BRICKER Steering Committee gathered for its annual meeting.

Over two days, the partners reviewed work progress in the project and agreed on further steps to be implemented. Working in small groups on specific topics once again proved to be an efficient meeting format for fine-tuning further activities.

The meeting was hosted by Acciona and BRICKER coordinator Juan de las Cuevas arranged for the project’s Steering Committee to convene in southern Spanish city of Seville. The agenda included a visit to Acciona’s CESE3R test centre – dubbed the BRICKER mini site by project partners.

Although the Spanish demo site in Cáceres, like the others used in BRICKER, is a building in full operational use, the Seville-based test centre has been been brought in for its multiplying effect to further try and test the integration of the new technologies the BRICKER project is developing. Its job in the project is therefore not to replace a real live demo site, but to be a complementary mini-site to test specific technical concepts. And for this it has a number of interesting features including both active and passive solutions.

The facility can deliver test solutions for generation, energy storage, loads and instrumentation. A number of features used in BRICKER are available including a biomass boiler, solar collectors and absorption chiller.

CESE3R is a modular installation for testing and validating energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in buildings and industry. With a total area of 6 000m2, and a range of apparatus as well as specialised staff, the centre is available to perform installation works, assembly and follow up of trials for various types of innovative projects.

More information about the CESE3R is available here.

(Picture: inside Acciona’s test facility)