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In the spotlight: ACCIONA


ACCIONA Infrastructure is the BRICKER project coordinator based in Madrid, Spain. It is a leading European construction company with a sustainability ethos.

The ACCIONA group spans the fields of construction, energy, water, real estate, urban/environmental services, and logistics and transport. Some 30,000 staff are employed in over 30 countries.

ACCIONA Infrastructure uses cutting-edge technology to develop and apply the most advanced materials, components, systems and solutions for sustainability and in particular for energy efficient concepts, design, operation and recycling of buildings. It has its own R&D technological centre in Madrid with a multidisciplinary and international team of around 160 highly qualified research staff.

At European level, ACCIONA  Infrastructure plays an active role in the ECTP sitting on its Executive Committee, co-leading the FA Cities and Buildings, and it is also a member of the ECTP’s Advisory Group on SMEs. It is involved as a vice-chair in the Energy Efficient Building Association (E2BA),  based in Brussels and it is a member of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group to the EC on the PPP on Energy Efficient Buildings.

In addition to the overall coordination of the BRICKER project, ACCIONA Infrastructure is in charge of the demonstration work package and has a major role in the pre-demonstration sections of the project which include energy assessments, technological integration solutions, implementation guidance and technology transfer.