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News from the demo sites

At the demonstration sites the focus is now on the future tendering processe to purchase and install the equipment and technologies required to deliver BRICKER’s solutions.

Spanish demo site – Cáceres

The Spanish demonstration site is located in Cáceres on the Central West of Spain, in border with Portugal. The building accommodates administrative offices for some 300 staff working for the region Government of Extremadura. Interventions will focus on biomass boiler and storage, cogeneration units and roof mounted solar collectors. As part of BRICKER, monitoring of energy consumption has been taking place to determine specific data to measure against the energy savings expected after renovation. The focus is now on the tendering process for the upcoming purchase of equipment such as the biomass boiler, adsorption machine and cooling tower, as well as installation, commissioning and maintenance for a one-year period. There will be three rounds of tendering in all, due to start over the summer with the actual work starting the following summer.

Belgium demo site - Liège

In Liège, where the Belgium demonstration is located, energy monitoring has been ongoing since October 2013 with adjustments made since renovation doesn’t concern the whole building. The site is used as an engineering college and owned by the Province of Liège. The tendering will be carried out in four rounds for the following purchases and services: installation of biomass and cogeneration units (ORC) along with equipment, retrofit of main skin façade for block 1, roof insulation for blocks 1 and 6, and insulation of external walls, replacement windows and integration of decentralised ventilation units for blocks 1 and 6. The process is due to take place between this summer and the beginning of next year, with actual works starting in summer 2015.

Turkey demo site - Aydin

The demonstration site in the Turkish town of Aydin is a hospital block which is part of the Adnan Menderes University. There is high potential for energy savings since there is no wall or roof insulation. The site joined the project recently and therefore the tendering process has still to be organised. At present, the site is undergoing the monitoring and performance assessments.