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Welcome to this second newsletter from the project BRICKER, a four-year initiative to ultimately kick-start large-scale renovation of public non-residential buildings, and thus set an example for future public policy on energy solutions in the built environment.

BRICKER has been alive and kicking now for just over a year and the consortium recently met for its General Assembly held in Cáceres, Spain, where one of our three demonstrations sites is located.

As this point in time, all our demonstration sites are engaging in simulation and monitoring activities prior to the renovation that will take place under the project. Although the three sites are at varying stages on the specific actions being undertaken, they are all basically at the cross-roads between planning-simulation-monitoring on the one hand, and commissioning the work through an elaborate procurement process on the other hand, a process which is of course specific to each country’s legislation and building requirements.

Alongside these activities, other partners have been making headway in putting together the passive and active solutions to be integrated into the demo buildings, and the more business-exploitation side of things can now be stepped up on the basis of our preliminary findings.

The Cáceres meeting, which included a visit to the Spanish demo site, enabled us to report on the good performance of our activities so far. Given the size of the consortium along with specificities of our three demo sites, we are progressing well, and we have even had to revise our delivery schedule to allow building owners enough time to prepare the public tenders on both the legal and technical levels.

So it is with quiet satisfaction and a positive outlook that we move into our second year of collaboration to slash energy consumption in public-owned non-residential buildings.

In this issue that features our usual sections, we report more on our General Assembly, and shine the spotlight on our partners Regional Government of Extremadura (Spain), Province of Liège (Belgium) and Adnan Menderes University (Turkey), all of whom run the demo sites that are set to benefit from BRICKER’s retrofit solutions.

With best wishes,
Juan Ramón de las Cuevas,
BRICKER coordinator