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In the spotlight: The demo site owners


Province Liège (Belgium)

The Province of Liege is a public authority located in the french-speaking part of Belgium. It represents about 1.1 millions inhabitants living in 84 municipalities that cover a territory of 3862 Km².

The Province has its own legislative and executive body: the Provincial Council as the legislative body and the provincial college as the executive body. Its mains areas of competencies are: Education and Training, Sports and Culture, Health and social affairs, Sustainable territorial development (Economics, Agriculture and Tourism) and Support to municipalities.

The unit working in BRICKER, SPB (Service provincial des bâtiments), is part of the Infrastructures Department that designs and manages the construction and the maintenance of a 370 buildings stock. Therefore SPB has to carry out different tasks like extension and retroffiting of buildings, including heating, ventilating and air conditionning systems, as well as lighting equipment. It designs preliminary projects, the related specifications and plans as well as the studies of economic feasibility.

"The challenges are both organisational and technical in nature. The organisational challenge is to get the renovation works done while classes are running, as the school has about 1,000 students and 100 staff. The second technical challenge lies in implementing solutions fresh from the labs. We will be the first to test the added value and efficiency of these prototypes in practice."
Raymond Charlier, Industrial engineering expert at SPB.


Government of Extremadura (Spain)

Extremadura is one of the seventeen autonomous regions with legislative powers that exist in Spain.

The Government of Extremadura establishes general policies, directs the administration of the Autonomous Community and exercises executive and regulatory power under the Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy of Extremadura.

The Government of Extremadura is structured in seven Ministries. The Headquarter building of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy  in Caceres is renovated in BRICKER.

Some of the functions performed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy are:

  • Energy planning in accordance with the basis of the national energy system,
  • Promotion of Renewable Energies, savings and Energy Efficiency,
  • Setting up polices in energy management.

"From the perspective of the Government of Extremadura, we are convinced that the use of low energy measures carries no limitation and presents a number of economic and environmental benefits."
Carolina Grau, Director General for Industry and Energy, Government of Extremadura.


Adnan Menderes University in Aydin (Turkey)

Founded in Aydın in 1992. The mission of ADU is to bring up knowledgeable, ethical, rational, creative and productive individuals as graduates and researchers who embrace their social responsibility and follow the latest developments and current affairs in the world and who can determine and offer solutions for national and international issues and problems.

Principles are to create projects with the aim of creating solutions for national and universal problems and contributing to universal science and lead authentic research activities; to provide environmentally sensitive, reliable and fast services of high quality with the highest standards to meet the needs of our society. ADU is a state university with 9 faculties, 5 schools, 3 graduate schools, 1 state conservatory, 16 vocational schools and 17 research centers. The number of students is 37,400 and the total number of academic staff is about 1,500. 

ADU as owner of demo-building will participate mainly in WP5 demonstration, in particular in Task 5.3 installation, commissioning and start-up in the demo building in Turkey, as well as the performance evaluation of the building before and after the renovation, and economic impact analysis of the implementation works. ADU will participate also in exploitation, replication and dissemination.

"Healthcare is a major industry in Turkey. And there is great interest in this project……I also expect other owners of public and private hospitals in Turkey to fully or partially use the technologies that we use here."
Professor Yunus Cengel, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Adnan Menderes University.