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CEMOSA is a Spanish engineering consultancy and quality control company in the field of construction, born in 1972. Its headquarters are in Malaga (Spain).

It includes 10 national offices and 5 international ones (Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Equator and Bolivia). The main business areas are: Transport Infrastructures Engineering; Building Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering; Construction Materials Quality Control; Health and Safety Coordination; Construction Product Certification and R&D. CEMOSA has a strong commitment in Sustainable Development.

One of the consolidated research lines of CEMOSA is Energy Efficient Buildings. In this field and at European level, CEMOSA coordinates the SEEDS project, funded by the EU FP7. CEMOSA also participates as Partner in other three projects, also funded by the EU FP7: BRICKER (coordinated by ACCIONA), eeEmbedded (coordinated by TUD) and e-balance (coordinated by IHP). The results of these research projects are integrated in the different divisions of CEMOSA ensuring that projects and services offered to our clients are benefited from the most recent technological advances.





Responsible for BRICKER within Cemosa:
Noemi Jimenez-Redondo