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Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a private non-profit research Foundation established by the government of Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy

Scientific research, technological development, advancement of knowledge and service to the local community, focused research to foster innovation: this is -simply put- the mission of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler. The commitment to the exploration of innovative scientific frontiers, with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and applications, characterize the profile of FBK in terms of originality and complementarity.

With more than 350 researchers, 7 Research Centers, 7 laboratories, 30, including spin off, start-ups and subsidiaries, over 100 scientific meetings per year, 2 specialized libraries with 225.000 volumes, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler has a strong international orientation and current research addresses the following areas: Information and Communication Technologies;  Materials and Microsystems; Theoretical and Nuclear Physics; Mathematics research; Historical studies; Religious studies and applied ethics; Evaluation of public policies

Within the Energy sector, activities on Concentrated Solar Power, Hydrogen storage and Renewable Energy Technologies are part of ARES (Applied Research on Energy Systems) research unit.




Responsible for BRICKER  within FBK:
Fabrizio Alberti