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Extremadura is one of the seventeen autonomous regions with legislative powers that exist in Spain.

The Government of Extremadura establishes general policy, directs the administration of the Autonomous Community and exercises executive and regulatory power under the Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy of Extremadura.

The Government of Extremadura is structured in seven ministries with their respective powers:

  • Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Innovation.
  • Regional Ministry of Public Administration.
  • Regional Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • Regional Ministry of Development, Housing, Planning and Tourism.
  • Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy.
  • Regional Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Regional Ministry of Health and Social Policy.

Some of the functions performed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy are:

  • Energy planning in accordance with the basis of the national energy system,
  • Promotion of Renewable Energies, savings and Energy Efficiency,
  • Setting up polices in energy management.


Responsible for BRICKER within GEX:
José Antonio Fernandez Roncero