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University of Liège


The Thermodynamics Laboratory of the University of Liège comprises 3 postdoctoral researchers, 13 PhD students, two research engineers, three technicians and one professor. 

The laboratory has a long recognized experience and expertise in the field of Energy & Buildings, HVAC systems, both with experimental and numerical approaches. In addition, research in the field of ORC systems has been carried out for more than 7 years. Various low-capacity ORC prototypes and three expander prototypes have been developed in the lab for research applications or for industrial partners, and the group has participated to the development of a 1-MWe ORC module for waste heat recovery.

Numerical simulation models of HVAC systems and components have been developed and validated through different experimental projects. Such models were used successfully to define their architecture and to optimize their operating conditions. Today the Laboratory is focusing part of its research activities on control aspects, with a view to maximizing their performance in off-design conditions as well as ensuring their reliability and automation.

In the field of energy performance of buildings, the research unit is mainly working on the coupling between HVAC systems and building envelopes. 



Responsible for BRICKER within University of Liège:
Vincent Lemort