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BRICKER aims to develop a retrofitting solution package for existing public-owned non-residential buildings in order to achieve a drastic reduction of the energy consumption (beyond 50%) and GHG emissions in this sector. 

This retrofitting package is based on:

  • Envelope retrofitting solutions for demand reduction through made-to-measure façades, innovative insulation materials and high performance windows.
  • Zero emissions energy production technologies based on a cogeneration system fed with locally available and clean renewable sources.
  • Integration and operation strategies´ development for the BRICKER Technologies and guidance for design, commissioning and maintenance.

The retrofitting solution package will be implemented in three real demonstration multi-buildings complexes, located in different climate conditions in three different European Countries and with different end-uses: Sanitary, Educational and Administrative.

To maximize impact and replicability of the project, technologies´ integration, guidance for implementation and technological transfer to Social Housing will be developed. These should help public bodies on implementation of optimal building retrofitting strategies, taking into account economic and financial aspects in the framework of limited access to funding, breakthroughs and innovative business models and continuous operation strategies during renovation.