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Work Plan

BRICKER’s work plan covers a 4-year period and involves 18 partners from 6 countries. Project activities and results areas are divided into 7 work packages that deal with research, demonstration, and exploitation to achieve replicability.

Work package 1 covers the overall management and coordination issues of the project. This includes coordinating research and technological development that is embedded within the other work packages.

Work packages 2 and 3 deal with the core technologies for slashing energy demand. These include retrofitting solutions for building envelops and developing a set of technologies for cogeneration, solar, biomass and absorption applications. These activities are the backbone to the future BRICKER system for replicability.

Work package 4 is tasked with integrating the above technological solutions into buildings and providing guidance for implementation and technology transfer. Focus areas include commissioning, maintenance, characterisation of buildings and operational studies.

Work package 5 is the actual demonstration and roll-out in two buildings located in different countries. The demonstration involves performance assessments, customising solutions to the building specificities, installation and commissioning.

Work packages 6 and 7 both work towards exploitation and dissemination of results, and ensuring there is a sound strategy for the uptake of BRICKER solutions where they are needed.